The Slump (Week 3)

It’s week 3 of build season, and for our students that means … exams not robotics. So as you could expect, we haven’t made much progress. We’re starting to machine our drive and tool mechanisms, and aiming to have a fully assembled practice robot next week. This week, we also began programming by starting the initial project code, creating subsystems, commands, and playing around with vision. Our one and only programming mentor is away on a work term all the way in sunny California (lucky him for not having to deal with all this snow) for the season, but thankfully we have some talented programming students who will be free to run wild for the season. Now that our design is completed, we’re

2019 Rule Updates

Confused by all the rule updates and what they mean for your team? Check out this resource where we break them down by rule-by-rule!

Getting to Grips with Legality (Week 2)

We are behind! Our prototype mechanisms took longer to assemble than expected but in our defense there’s a lot more moving parts with this years robot compared to last. No seriously, there’s a lot of moving parts … we’re already concerned for weight. It seems that every year we tell ourselves at the beginning of build that this will finally be the year that we can be under the weight limit. It starts off with a vision, then a slight possibility, and when we’re inevitably over, we start looking for opportunities to cut weight. This year the realization was earlier than usual. As we finish assembling the prototype robot, we’re aiming to complete our real robot CAD by early next week. As you c

2019 Ri3D Reviews

Check out these reviews of the 2019 FIRST Deep Space Ri3D robots by some of the best and brightest minds in FIRST. There are 7 Ri3D teams being reviewed this year: Big Orange Robotics, FIRST Capital, GreenHorns, 'Snow Problem Team Ri3D, University of Waterloo and WE MARS. The design and strategy reviews are done by Karthik Kanagasabapathy of FRC 1114 Simbotics and Mason Markee of FRC 118 Robonauts. Stay tuned for their comments! Big Orange Robotics FIRST Capital GreenHorns 'Snow Problem Team Ri3D University of Waterloo WE MARS

Liftoff! (Week 1)

Hello world! This is Team 1241: THEORY6 here. We’re so excited to share details on our schedule and progress throughout the season this year. Check back every week for new posts throughout the build season and possibly the competition season. And so it begins… After deciding on our robot’s goals and priorities, we spend much of the first week focusing on building field elements and assembling prototypes. Looking at field drawings is one thing, but getting to see them in real life is another. Once you get some field elements built, spend some time to play around with them. If you have any robots from previous years that are still operational, bring those out and see how they fit on the field.

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