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Discover more about The Compass Alliance, and its goals.

You can learn about the Leadership Teams of The Compass Alliance here, and check out who has  since joined The Compass Alliance as an Alliance Partner here!

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The Compass Alliance was founded in the fall of 2017 by FRC 3132 and 9 teams from around the world. The mission of the founding teams was to make a big impact on the FRC Community and its members. After months of research and hard work, The Compass Alliance was born.


The Compass Alliance is a go-to answer for running, enhancing and sustaining an FRC team. Comprised of tried and true methods and resources from the best-of-the-best to help teams go from hanging on to thriving, from good to great, and from community involved to community essential.


Services Available:

Resources: Guides, video tutorials and best practices for every aspect of FRC. This growing library also includes step by step Compass Pathway Curriculums.


Watch A Video: An ever growing collection of video tutorials to teach teams new skills, and guide teams through individual facets of the FRC program.


Tag Teams : Through Tag Teams, less experienced teams can sign up for short or long term help from a Tag Team Guide that will work with them remotely.


Help Hubs : Database for rookie/under resourced teams to look up teams in their area that have machining, practice space or other physical resources to share.


Call Center: This 24/7 help chat connects people with members from experienced teams that are on call around the world to help solve a problem in multiple languages.


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