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The Compass Alliance Pathways

Don't know where to start? Follow The Compass Alliance Pathways. Each Pathway is designed to guide your team through key parts of being a successful team. These guides combine resources, examples from FRC teams, and years of experience to help your team navigate your way to success. Ideal for rookies and less experienced teams to help you tackle new endeavours, and great for veteran teams who are looking to further their path.

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We are still mapping out more Pathways! Check back soon for more!

Rookie Start Guide

This guide is designed to help rookie teams through their first season, and focuses on preparation before build season.


A detailed overview of the fundamentals and learn how to focus your team on specific goals and achievements. 

Fundraising and Sponsorship

This guide that will help you down the path to financial stability by laying a strong foundation with sponsors, grant writing and establishing a non-profit. 


With rising costs of higher education, FIRST has made over $50 million available in scholarships. Apply, apply, apply!

Argosy Foundation Grant

This grant is a great way for FRC rookie teams to get initial funding. This funding can help with registration fees for a team's first and second year!


This guide will help you develop a meaningful strategy for making an impact in your community to help bring attention to FIRST and STEM communitites. 

Leadership and Sustainability

It can be hard to create strong foundations for student leadership and team sustainability. Learn more about empowering both your students and mentors to create a strong, sustainable structure for your team.


This guide will teach you how to efficiently divide work, organize your pit, pack for competition, and more! Also learn the differences between regionals and districts!

Scouting Development

There are many different kinds of scouting systems out there, which all focus on highlighting teams' successes; learn about what data your team should be looking for!


This guide will help you learn how to approach each season's new game on an advanced level and create effective match strategies.

Electrical Systems and Components

Robots need electronics! Learn about the best techniques for wiring, soldering, and more. Also check out some theoretical electrical fundamentals.


Make sure you're up to date on your safety fundamentals and learn about how to share you team's safety knowledge.


Learn about the basics of FRC programming with C++ or Java. Once you've mastered that, try your hand at control systems!

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Getting started with learning about the tools available to model designs, specifically the software OnShape and SolidWorks.

Pneumatic Systems

Looking for some air power? Look no further! While tricky at first, pneumatics provide an alternative way to activate mechanisms.

Mechanical Design

Design is the starting point for every robot. While this pathway won't cover every aspect of mechanical deign, it has some great resources for getting started.

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