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Welcome to The Compass Alliance Resource Repository!

The Resource Repository is your ever growing guide to team growth and sustainability. We have beginner resources to help teams get off their feet, and more advanced topics for more experienced teams and students.

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Don't know where to start? Follow the Compass Alliance Path.

Being part of a robotics team, especially at competitions, brings times of great fun and excitement. Unfortunately, those moments can be overshadowed with stress and anxiety. Hear For You is an initiative started by FRC 125 NUTRONs to spread understanding and support of mental health awareness to those who may need it in the FRC community. 

Here you can find robot building basics, technical tutorials, and new ideas!

This is a great place to find resources if you're a new mentor, new team, or just looking for new ideas!

Not sure what you're looking for, or looking for multiple things? This is all the resources we have to offer!

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